Our solutions help asset owners transform their businesses by providing easy access to tools & information that allow smarter decision making

We adopt a holistic approach for asset performance monitoring, analysis and prediction of any impending failure of components of assets. This approach includes rule based methods for decision-making, use of machine learning for prediction of assets’ behavioural trends in future and real time monitoring of assets to spot and notify underperformance, as and when it occurs.

Making a Plant Smart

  • Smart Sensing
    On site data collection using Orion for every individual asset
  • Smart Analytics
    Data Driven
    Analysis & Forecast based on big data and various Algorithms using Orion
  • Smart Control
    Actionable Insight
    Optimization and real-time autonomous control of entire process

Use Cases

  • Renewable Energy

    Helping wind and solar asset owners to optimize operations and maintenance through real time monitoring and big data analytics, allowing them to improve uptime of assets and predicting failures in advance.

  • FMCG

    Enabling large FMCG firms to leverage the benefits of machine learning and deep learning to gain meaningful business insights by optimizing energy consumption and analyzing real time production parameters.

  • Manufacturing

    Partnering with heavy equipment manufacturers to help optimize machine parameters & machine uptime, monitoring machine health, analyzing prospects & customer behaviour and identifying strategic needs for special events and promotions.

  • Oil & Gas

    Helping oil & gas companies to improve operational efficiencies through connected devices across the supply chain and advanced analytics solutions based on the real time data. Also reducing the safety risk and environmental footprint.

  • Automotive

    Helping automobile companies to manage the traceability of parts, sub-assemblies and subsystems thus bringing in accuracy and convenience in operations management. With the application of advanced algorithms ensuring that attains maximum equipment availability and utilization while operating at the most efficient level.

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