Renewable energy

ML/AI use cases

  • Wire rope guide condition Monitoring
  • Brake shoe wear out Condition and a
    corresponding gear wheel check
  • Long travel wheel collar width condition
  • Long travel bearing condition
  • Gear box oil level Monitoring
  • Gear box Backlash Monitoring

Orion Solution

Data analytics and AI based approach for improving asset performance with the help of Deep learning

Big Data Analytics
  • Increased Return On Investment
    • Reduction of waste (material and energy)
    • Increase in revenues with the ability to produce multiple products with variation in inputs.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy optimization
    • Asset efficiency/uptime
    • Machine Failure Prediction
    • Equipment Performance Analysis
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Predictive Maintenance
  • IOT Infrastructure
    • Data collection, cleansiing,
    • Standardization
    • Open source/PI
    • Connectivity
  • Smart Environment

    Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Making a Plant Smart

  • Smart Sensing

    On site data collection using Orion for every individual asset

  • Smart Analytics
    Data driven

    Analysis & Forecast based on big data and various Algorithms using Orion

  • Smart Control
    Actionable Insight

    Optimization and real-time autonomous control of entire process