Orion - The Future of Industrial Productivity

Revolutionizing industrial production and machine performance through artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT

Industrial IoT at work

  • Data Ingestion and Processing

    Collate, filter and cleanse a vast spectrum of raw data from varied asset classes and types, convert data into usable information, suitable for analysis


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

    Leverage AI and ML to predict critical component failures, breakdowns and other abnormalities with the help of self-learning models built on historical data.

  • Actionable

    Delivering asset-centric and actionable insights for management and technical personnel. Directly delivering bottom line results.


  • Optimised

    Efficient lifecycle management of your assets by monitoring performance, reducing downtime, localizing underperformance, improving energy management, and extending their lifetime.


Data Science and Machine Learning

Predicting failures and converting your plant from reactive to proactive using the strength of big data analytics, machine learning, and deep industry expertise.


How it Works

Orion Applications


Real-time monitoring capability featuring dashboards and operational KPIs to measure and improve performance


Automated, timely, and customised reports that provide information at the click of a button


Transform data from varied sources into actionable intelligence by employing big data analytics and cognitive computing


Accurate energy generation forecasts for regulatory compliance and operations planning


Instant notifications that facilitate effective communication across the organisation, improving response time and asset performance


One-stop-shop for access to information and documents anytime, anywhere

Orion Advantage

  • Best-in-Class Personnel

    Confluence of exceptional analytics expertise and deep domain know-how

  • State-of-the-Art Computing Capability

    Big data analytics through deep learning, machine learning and statistical data mining

  • Secure

    World-class cloud based infrastructure

  • Low Cost
    Affordable and customizable fees as per solutions desired
  • Scalable

    From MW to GW, one production unit to multiple factories

  • Robust and Customizable

    Compatible with, and tailored for any generation type and any technology/OEM, globally