BLP will shortly offer services to wind farm developers & operators, owners, investors & lenders. Such services will include Project pre-development studies from Site selection, wind measurement campaign, technology selection, micro siting & energy yield estimates, and also Post-commissioning services include power curve validation & testing, benchmark study, technology enhancements & field operations etc.

Our team prides itself on a rich 100 + years' experience in the wind industry services with a number of OEMs & consultants including Enercon, GE, Vestas, Gamesa, WinwinD and Garrad Hassan in various areas relating to project pre-development studies from site selection to energy yield estimates, technology selections, project engineering, procurement & construction and post-commissioning services. In addition, the team is highly trained on industry recognized softwares, tools and methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, which brings world class excellence to the processes we establish for customers as part of the services deliverables.